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Muslim Community Services of Michigan Inc



  • Emergency Help

Muslim Community Service Agency is committed to providing emergency help to needy people while funds are available. We provide assistance for utility shut-offs, eviction notices, security deposits for rentals, and the purchase of food, clothing, vital medical supplies, and public transportation needs.

  • Warmth for the Winter

There are a lot of homeless people in South East Michigan who need help badly. Muslim Community Services Agency distributes a set of hats and gloves to the needy, including homeless and seniors citizens.

  • Feed the Needy Monthly Feeding and Supplies to the Homeless

Once a month, Muslim Community Services Agency of Michigan Inc invites the needy and homeless to our soup kitchen event in a nice and comfortable facility for all types of weather conditions. We distribute lunches consisting of a healthy sandwich, drinks, fruits, and snacks to men, women, and children from time to time. We also distribute hygiene items in areas where the homeless gather.