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Muslim Community Services Agency of Michigan Inc

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We Need Your Prayers

You can support MCSAM in many ways. It is only with the help of Almighty Allah (God) that we will be able to help and provide services to humanity, including our neighbors and needy friends, using the teachings of Islam. We humbly request all God-conscious people to help by keeping us in your prayers. Your prayers will increase our strength and lead us to success. Join us as we build a community where everyone’s basic needs are met, including food, clothing, shelter, employment, health care, education, and safety.

Volunteer at Our Community Support Programs

Volunteers are the backbone of all MCSAM events and programs. As a 501(c) 3 organization, MCSAM relies on people who are interested in helping others to make sure we provide much needed services to the community. Our current and upcoming programs and events are posted here on the website and on our Facebook page. Choose the one that is right for you and join us in our efforts to help others help themselves.

Offer Your Generous Financial Support

MCSAM is a zakath-eligible organization focusing on a variety of projects and services, including community development, helping new immigrants, feeding the hungry, health care screening, and language training according to the needs of all individual regardless of race, religion, income status, health status, and other identifying factors. There are many needy families who need help in numerous ways. Please join MCSAM in assisting those in need by giving generously.